23:00 is starting time every Thursday, Friday and Saturday for a night live in Radost FX club.

In a reconstructed area which includes new stage, great Funktion One sound, new bars and toilets you can enjoy urban night FX Bounce with unique atmosphere since 2005 every Thursday. Fridays and Saturdays as well are pure electronic dance music, especially house music in all genres.

History of Radost FX

In an unassuming apartment building in Vinohrady, a Prague neighbourhood, was a vast open space waiting to take on a shape post Velvet revolution. The original plan in motion was to create a cd shop, gallery and small bistro, but due to financial limitations, the plan could not be fully realised by it's anticipated owners. This was why the current owners of the space, Richard and Bethea Zoli were able to take over.

With their experience, ambition, and finance backing, they dreamed up a super complex, now known to the world as Radost FX...Because of Richard and Bethea's vast amount of experience in fashion and music (they owned a progressive clothing store in the USA, developed fashion shows, and ran a television show focused on fashion and music) they came up with the idea to open a music night club, which would eventually come to be known as Radost FX.

Since the beginning, music club Radost FX has offered the most up to date modern top music, always on the cutting edge. And so it became one of the first clubs in Prague and the Czech Republic where one could go to hear (among a few) house music, techno music, and RNB music (seven years ago the likes of Carl Cox and Paul Van Dyk were already spinning their records here).

Now the Radost FX complex is home to many theme parties, which are sure to leave a lingering, long lasting impression for anyone who spends a night in one of the most sought after clubs in Prague. In 1999, the British club magazine, MINISTRY, voted Radost FX as one of the top 20 clubs in the world. This solidified Radost's position in the world wide music scene.

In 2007, Radost FX came in 8th place as one of the world’s best bars on the website www.worldsbestbars.com It was the only bar to be voted in from the Czech republic. Proof of this was continuous in the numerous international and resident star dj's that have consistently played in the ever changing decor of the club. This renowned club never fell into the trends of the time or the modern tendencies, but followed it's own path, and continued to develop it's own style.

This energy and willingness to push forward, has brought Radost FX into it's 24th anniversary, and therefore making it the oldest music club in Prague.

A living piece of history in Prague's night life.